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A Simple Guide to Aura Readings

Some believe that when you see a person's aura, you see into their soul. An aura is the magnetic field or energy that surrounds each living being. It is made up of several different layers. These layers contain the physical, emotional, rational, astral, and divine energy of each person. Our aura generally extends to about a 3 foot radius...think of a bubble around your body.

Layer #1 - Physical Aura Plane

This is the aura plane that is closet to our body. It represents our physical health and can sometimes be referred to as out etheric plane.

Layer #2 - Emotional Aura Plane

As the title suggests, this plane deals with emotions. This plane may change color depending on your mood.

Layer #3 - Mental Aura Plane

This plane has to do with logic, reasoning, and thoughts.

Layer #4 - Astral Body Aura Plane

This is where you store your spiritual health.

Layer #5 - Etheric Aura Plane

This is where you store your psychic abilities. If your etheric aura is clear, you may find yourself able to tap into others energy.

Layer #6 Celestial Aura Plane

If your celestial aura is strong, you may be highly creative and intuitive. This is where your dreams are stored.

Layer #7 Causal Aura Plane

This it the outermost auric plane and is a harmonizing of all of your other layers. This plane help guides you on your soul's path.

So, how do you go about reading your own aura? Simple! by practicing.

Here are some tips for seeing your own aura.

1. Rub your hands together to build up your energy. You may be able to "feel" your own aura.

2. Then, face a white wall and let you eyes go out of focus (kind of like stereograms where you are trying to find the picture behind the picture

3. See if you are able to see any colors.

4. Try this with friends or family.

What can you expect during an aura reading?

You should come out of a reading with more insight and clarity. You will be able to understand yourself more and the reading should validate how your soul feels.

What if you aren't skilled enough YET to read your own aura? Book an aura reading session with me and/or look for my beginning classes on how to read auras.

How Can I Book An Aura Reading?

1. Go to my website

2. Find the bookings page and purchase an aura reading.

3. I will email you and ask for a recent picture of you with a white or neutral background.

4. I will send an email back to you within 3 business days, often sooner, with your reading.

5. If you wish, I will set up a 15 minute ZOOM session to explain your aura. (this is optional)


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