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Who is on Your Spiritual Soul Squad?

Your Soul Squad is unique to you. We often refer to them as spirit guides. Spirit guides may include, but are not limited to, angels, passed loved ones, healers, soul team members, or, if you believe in them, souls from other dimensions; the sky is the limit, literally. Each of us has a different team made up of unique souls. Some are with us forever, and some come and go as we need them.

When you book a reading with me, I will explain to you that I call in my team for support and I will ask you to call in your team. Don’t panic!!! It does not matter if you know who is on your team. It doesn’t matter if you know their name or not. They could care less about things as trivial as names. They are here to help you and support you.

I don’t know everyone in my soul team, and I certainly don’t know all their names. Most of us have loved ones who have passed on our team, and I know I have my father and my grandmother, and they are forever “Team Kelly.” I also have a Native American man who tells me he is Chief John Sparrow. No offense to the Chief, but that doesn’t sound like a mighty chief name to me. It reminds me of a name a movie character might have. I have two angels, Natasha and Allen. Again, kind of crazy names for angels (these are their human names as their angel names are hard to pronounce). I have a beautiful healing woman who is a Viking. I also know I have a Spanish Priest who steps in but other than that, I have no clue who is on my team….AND it doesn’t matter.

When you call in your team, the intention is essential. Your intent should be one of love and trust. Trust that your soul team is here to help support you, guide you, communicate with you, and protect you. Don't be afraid to ask them for help and guidance. That is part of why they are with you.

Coming soon, how to connect with your spirit guides. Check back soon.


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