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If We Could Talk to the Animals, What Would They Say?

How many of you already speak to your animal companions? Do you tell them goodbye when you leave the house? Do you ask them if they are hungry? Do you maybe ask, "Who wants a belly rub"? If you do these things, then you are not alone!

Why is it important to communicate with our animal companions?

* To learn how to improve our pet companions' health, happiness, and wellbeing.

* To address behavioral issues.

* To discuss end-of-life matters.

* To help communicate with rescue and wild animals.

* To better understand what happens to our pet companions when they transition to the spirit


* Our animal companions are like family.

How do we connect with our animal companions?

We can watch our animal's body language on a fundamental level. For example, we may notice issues when they eat less or tell if they are hurt. Likewise, it is usually relatively easy to determine when they are uncomfortable or even when they are happy and excited. But how do we know what they are trying to tell us?

If we want to make a deeper connection, we can make a soul to soul connection with our pet companions. We usually use telepathy when connecting with our pets, although each experience can differ. Our animals may show us pictures or short video clips of what is going on. We may hear their voices telling us what is wrong. True story, my pet companion sounds just like Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when he speaks to me.

Have you ever wondered about connecting to your pet companion in the spirit world? Is it even possible?

What would they say? You can find out by booking with a psychic medium who communicates with pet companions or giving it a try on your own. So what have you got to lose?

Try these basic steps for Communicating to your Pet Companion:

* Take a deep breath

* Set your intention with your pet companion.

* Connect to their soul.

* Listen or feel for an answer.

* Determine what the message is.

Book a Reading with Medium Kelly Kristin

If you prefer, you can always book a reading with Kelly. When booking, book either a psychic reading for animal companions who are still on the earth plane or a mediumship reading for those animal companions in the spirit world. If you need help, email

Keep an eye out for upcoming beginner animal communication classes.


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