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Medium Kelly Kristin


Kelly is  a psychic medium who is passionate about connecting with spirit in order to bring proof that our loved ones are never far away. Kelly connects to spirit and deliver's messages of inspiration and healing.

As a medium, Kelly describes herself as a link between the living world and the spirit world. She connects with the energy of those in spirit and receives messages to help guide, heal, or inspire those in need.

 Kelly knows what it is like to lose a parent at a young age. She lost her dad when she was 13. Kelly understands what it feels like to feel like you have lost the connection with your loved one. However, she now knows that we never lose the relationship with our loved ones, that they are here with us for always, and if we call on them, they are willing to offer us love, support, and guidance.

Are you ready to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world to find out how they might inspire you or give you support and guidance? Book a reading with Kelly now. Your loved ones are eager to connect with you.

About My Readings

Every psychic medium works differently. It is my belief that spirit gives the medium all of the information that they need and it is up to the medium to decipher the message. Being a great interpreter of the message spirit deliver's depends on many factors. The most important is making a connection with the client. Kelly begins each reading by making a heart to heart and soul to soul connection with her client. This allows for her to work intimately with the client's higher self. She then blends with spirit in order for spirit to deliver evidence, messages, personal and spiritual advice and healing. 


10 Things to Know About Me Before we Work Together

01 I am a Scorpio.
02 I am a former school teacher.
03 I LOVE scary movies.
04 I am also afraid of the dark.
05 If I had a super power, it would be to solve all missing and murdered cases.
06 I used to have a pink mohawk.
07 I taught at Juvenile Hall.
08 I am a volunteer police woman
09 I read the obituaries every day. What?
10 I am a beautiful soul, just like you.

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