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Psychic Readings

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Kelly begins her psychic readings by making a heart to heart and soul to soul connection with her client. This allows her to tap into their energy to deliver insight and guidance around the client's past, present and future. All readings are done for the highest good of the client.

Psychic information is a guideline for helping you to make the best choices for yourself. Everyone has free will and any information provided by Kelly should not take the place of your own ability to change your course or direction.

People who want a psychic reading are looking for clarity, direction, healing or guidance with their life in the areas of work, finance, family, legal matters or health. Each reading is different and they may include one or all of these areas.

Mediumship Readings


In a mediumship reading I connect with your loved ones in order to communicate messages of inspiration, love, healing  and guidance. These messages come directly from spirit.

Through these messages, spirit helps us to understand that they are never far away. That they are always with us. 

Please note that mediumship readings are always for the highest good of the client. With that in mind, please note that spirit is in control of the message  and only has your highest good in mind. You may not hear from the person you would like to or you may not receive that message you thought you would. Please keep an open mind.


Blended Readings

Blended readings allow for spirit to lead the way. Readings may be both psychic and mediumship. These readings are a three way connection between medium, client and spirit. Oftentimes these readings include messages from spirit guides, angels and your own soul. 

Prior to our session


* You will receive a confirmation of our session via email once the session is booked.

* Please download the latest version of ZOOM before our session.

* Think of questions you may want to ask.

* Gather photos or personal items if you wish to include them in the reading.

During our session

* We will spend a few minutes getting to know each other. This helps me to make a better

    connection with you.

* I will explain a little about how I work.

* I will confirm which kind of reading you prefer.

* I will answer any general questions.

* I will then set my intention and close my eyes. If you are comfortable, I will ask that you close your eyes as well.       

   This allows for a true heart to heart and soul to soul connection.

* In a mediumship reading I will be looking for an honest and concise response.

* Please don't feed the medium. She is on a diet. I will explain during our session.

* In a psychic reading, I will answer questions that you may have regarding, career, love, family, health, etc.

   Please note, I am not a medical professional and will not be able to give medical advice.

* Readings may include the following if you are comfortable: past lives, guides and soul companions, soul purpose

   and  guidance, healing, and/or aura readings.

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