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2024: Let's Manifest a Year of Illumination

starlight of souls

As we enter a new year, let's work together to manifest 2024 as a year of illumination. 🌟🌟

I don't want us to focus on what we will leave behind, what we have learned, or what we will take with us. We know all these things! I want us to focus on what we can do as a collective of beautiful souls. 🙌🏻

Last August, at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, I had the privilege to have a healing with Zintar. Zintar, is a wise Soul Being who is channeled through Tony Stockwell. Zintar and the collective gifted me with Starlight. 🌟 Zintar's reading left me with new thoughts about this wonderous gift of Starlight. What a beautiful gift. I am forever grateful. I want to share my gift of Starlight with all of you. Think of this Starlight as the flame to ignite your light so that you may shine bright in 2024. 🔥

The idea of sharing my gift of Starlight with you came to me while on vacation in Joshua Tree. 🌵 My family and I had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of going stargazing.✨ I became a little emotional as I sat on my zero-gravity pod and looked at the sky. I came to realize, once again, that we are so tiny, and the universe is so vast. As a little girl, I often had the mindboggling thought of the universe going on for infinity. My thought process was, what if there is more than our universe? What if there is a universe just beyond our universe and a universe beyond that one? And on and on until I wondered if we were just a speck of sand on a beach of infinite universes. 🌎

As I gazed upon the stars, I felt this same feeling. ✨ We are tiny. I realized that even though we are tiny, we can shine our light brightly, especially as a collective of beautiful Soul Beings. You often hear me speak about this as my tagline, motto, and mission...."Shine Your Light Bright."  Each of us has the power to connect to our soul so that we may shine brightly. If we work together and add a little Starlight🌟, we can shine so bright that we might look like a star to someone else in another universe.🌎 Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

How do we make our light bright? 🌟 We begin with connecting to our soul. From there, we become familiar with our soul's power and send this beautiful light to other soul beings, our friends, family, and the world, and then out into the universe and infinity. It's like the old shampoo commercial: if you gift Starlight 🌟 to two friends and they gift Starlight🌟 to two friends....pretty soon, we will all have the gift of Starlight. It will be magical.🪄

We can do amazing things if we work together. Please join me in sharing this gift of Starlight🌟.

Wishing you and your loved ones a year of illumination.💫

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024. We are ready for you.

I will leave you with this poem from Nita Gill.

93 Percent Stardust

We have calcium in our bones,

Iron in our veins,

Carbon in our Souls,

and nitrogen in our brains.

93% Stardust

with souls made of flames

We are all just stars

that have people names.

So much love and illumination!


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