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Sun, Aug 11


Virtual Event Zoom

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Psychic Investigation Master Class

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Psychic Investigation Master Class
Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Psychic Investigation Master Class

Time & Location

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Aug 11, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Virtual Event Zoom

About the event

Class Overview:

This class is dedicated to harnessing psychic abilities for the vital task of detecting and uncovering information related to murdered and missing Indigenous women. With a focus on empowering communities through spiritual awareness, participants will learn how to utilize psychic techniques to aid in investigations, support families, and bring closure to unresolved cases. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and compassionate understanding. Participants will develop the skills and sensitivity necessary to navigate this critical area of psychic detection.

Classes will include the following:

Lecture and Discussion

1:1 Participation

Whole Class Learning

Break out Rooms

All classes are virtual, and you will be sent a ZOOM link the day before class.

Classes are $40, and a percentage will go to Charities supporting Indigenous Women.

 Key Topics Covered: 

  1. Understanding the Issue: Gain insight into the tragic reality of murdered and missing Indigenous women, including historical context, systemic challenges, and the impact on communities.

       2.  Introduction to Psychic Detection: Explore the concept of psychic detection and its potential to complement traditional   

             investigative methods in cases involving Indigenous women.

       3. Developing Psychic Awareness: Learn techniques to enhance psychic sensitivity and intuition, including meditation, energy work, 

            and mindfulness practices.

      4. Psychic Tools and Practices: Discover various psychic tools and practices used in detection work, such as psychometry, remote 

           viewing, and divination methods tailored to investigative purposes.

      5. Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical responsibilities inherent in psychic detection work, including confidentiality, consent, 

           and cultural sensitivity.

       6. Case Studies and Practical Exercises: Analyze real-life case studies and engage in practical exercises designed to apply psychic 

            detection techniques to specific scenarios related to murdered and missing Indigenous women.


       7.   Supporting Families and Communities: Explore ways to provide support and healing to the families and communities affected by 

              these tragedies, including communication strategies and compassionate listening skills.

       8. Collaboration and Advocacy: Learn about the importance of collaboration between psychics, law enforcement, advocacy

            organizations, and community members in addressing issues of violence against Indigenous women.

During the class, Kelly will share her expertise and guide you through various exercises and techniques to sharpen your intuition and psychic skills. Kelly will guide you, but you will do all the work. Kelly will also share tips and tricks for psychic detection, which she has gained from years of experience in the field.

 Who Should Attend: 

This class is open to individuals interested in psychic development, Indigenous rights advocacy, or supporting marginalized communities. It is particularly relevant for psychics, mediums, healers, social workers, law enforcement professionals, and anyone seeking to contribute to the resolution of cases involving murdered and missing Indigenous women.

 Takeaway Benefits: 

  • Enhanced psychic awareness and intuition for detecting relevant information in cases involving murdered and missing Indigenous women.
  • Practical skills and techniques for conducting psychic detection work respectfully and culturally sensitively.
  • Increased understanding and empathy for the experiences of affected families and communities.
  • Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and ongoing support within the psychic and advocacy communities.

Join us in this important endeavor to honor the lives of murdered and missing Indigenous women and contribute to the pursuit of justice, healing, and reconciliation. Together, we can make a difference through the power of psychic detection and spiritual awareness.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most respected mediums in the industry. Mark your calendars for these dates and prepare to embark on an enlightening journey into the world of psychic detection with Medium Kelly Kristin.

June                  9

July                 28

August           11

September     8

October          13

November     17

December      15

Kelly will present the case and the agenda and teach a new skill to work on during the case. She will offer guidance and direction in a structured way.

Students will intuitively use the modalities they choose to work on the case. Kelly will present new skills, but students have free reign on how they want to work.

****disclaimer**** Kelly will create a safe environment to practice; however, psychic detection is hard and not for everyone. It can be hard on the heart, the mind, and the spirit of your soul. Psychic detection is also a beautiful way to help families, communities, and the world.


* No Refunds in partial or in full. If the host must cancel due to unforseen circumstances, class will be rescheduled or you will be   

   offered a refund.

* All cameras and audio must be on during class.

* Classes will be recorded.

Kelly mentored with Tony Stockwell and continues to work closely with Tony as a Supporting Tutor.

Tony Stockwell - The OG in Psychic Detection (The Psychic Detective, Street Psychic, and Psychic School)

For more information about Kelly and her services, please visit:

Facebook @ mediumkellykristin (please follow)

Instagram @ mediumkellykristin (please join and follow)

TikTok @ mediumkellykristin

** Please join Kelly's Soul Speak Psychic Medium Development Group Facebook Page.


  • June 9th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • July 28th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • August 11th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • September 8th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • October 13th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • November 17th

    +$1.00 service fee
  • December 15th

    +$1.00 service fee



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