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Beginning Psychic Mediumship Development




4 Weeks

About the Course

Learn the core principles of psychic mediumship development and how to enhance your spirituality and connection.

This course is designed for those wishing to explore their gifts, but who have little to no experience and don't know where to begin.

This class is for you if...

You see or hear spirit.

You have amazing intuition, but you don' t know how to use it.

You would like to learn to help people heal.

You would like to use your gifts as a service to others.

If you are curious about developing your gifts.

If this sounds like you, then take this as a sign that the time is now!

This online development circle is designed to help you explore your gifts in a safe and comfortable environment.

Development will include guidance, information, and practice exercises.


* Learning and using Clairs

* Sitting in the power

* Raising your vibration

* How to set boundaries and protection

* How to turn off your human mind.

* Connect to your guides.

* How to structure a reading.

* How to connect with Spirit.

* How to dive deep into evidence.

* How to deliver a message.


OCT 13* OCT 20 * OCT 27 * NOV 3

The cost is $60 for all 4 weeks.

No Refunds.

Wednesday Evening's 4:00 - 5:30 PM PST

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Kelly. Kelly is a Psychic and Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Master Teacher, and Soul Coach. She has trained with some of the most highly regarded teachers in all of her specialized fields.

Kelly is a former teacher who enjoys teaching in a way that meets all learning styles and modalities. There is no wrong way to develop your gifts.

For more information about Kelly and her services, please visit:

IG @mediumkellykristin

Tik Tok @ Mediumkellykristin

Your Instructor


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