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“What’s in a Name?" Six Tips on How to Deliver a Name in a Mediumship Reading.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” This famous line spoken by Juliet in Shakespeare’s Play “Romeo and Juliet.” asks us to disregard the name; however, in mediumship, delivering a name can be a powerful way to offer validation that a loved one, in spirit, is present during a reading.

So, what’s in a name? The name can be everything, yet getting names regularly is one of the most challenging pieces of evidence to deliver in a reading. Why is that? We may feel we are making the name up or afraid we are wrong. The sitter may have "sitter" amnesia. It is just plain hard to get a name without practice.

As a former teacher, I have seen and heard many common names, made-up names, etc. One would think that names would be easier for me, but that is not always the case. I joke that I am either 100% correct with a name or 100% wrong.

Use these tips when practicing and make names your superpower.⚡️

Tips for what you need to know to bring a name to your sitter in a mediumship reading.

Tip #1 - If a person that you are familiar with in present life or in spirit pops up in your mind’s eye, 🧿 this could be a clue that the person in spirit you are working with may have the same name.

For example, you see your great-grandmother named May during a reading. Feel into that. Is that the name of the person you are speaking with in spirit?

Tip #2 - Try the old trick of going through the alphabet. Begin with the letter “A” and continue through “Z.” If you feel a hit in the pit of your stomach, stop on that letter and delve a little deeper. 🔤

Everyone can sing the alphabet. Give it a go. If you get a hit on a letter, stop there and try to stretch it out into a name.

Tip #3 - See how the name feels coming out of your mouth. Does it feel soft or have hard consonants? Does it feel like a name, you know?

In most mediumship readings, I will get the first initial of a name. Sometimes, I proceed and get the full name, but not always. Often, I am unfamiliar with the name, or it is not in my frame of reference. For example, in one reading, I gave the name Angel, and the young man’s name was Axel. Axel is not a name that spins around in my head a lot.

Often, I get what the name feels like. I will say the name feels like Mary or Marissa or Maria; quite often, it turns out the person's name in spirit is usually one of those names or a variation. An example of how a name may be a variation is that I offered the name Marina and thought it was a girl’s name. The name was Marino, and it was a last name. The name felt like Marina.

This is an art and not a science. Be gentle with yourself. 🎨

Tip #4 - See if you can feel or see how many letters are in the name.

You may be able to see the name in your mind's eye.👁 While you may be unable to make out the name, sometimes you can tell how many letters are in the name.

Tip #5 - See if you can tell how many syllables are in the name.

Try clapping the name out using your hands. 👏🏻

Tip #6 - Lastly, be brave and keep trying. Honor the names that you get and give them to your sitter.

If you don't say the name or names you get, you could be missing some great validation for the sitter.

Most of all, keep trying. It is like exercising; the more you do it, the stronger you get.  

If you want to learn more about developing your psychic or mediumship skills, sign up for one of my classes!



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